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About Us

We provide conducive platform to education enthusiasts and knowledge seekers who wish to share and spread know-how and improve skillsets respectively.


UNIMOOC ASIA (“uni-more-see Asia”) is an established platform for Massive Open Online Courses also known as MOOC.

In Asia countries, the e-learning platform has become part of the national blueprint for higher learning education initiatives which focus on Globalized Online Learning to keep abreast of the global trends in education.

We see this as fundamental transformation and a clear sign of substantial support from both the government and the people in the online learning initiatives and activities, especially in the era of disruptive technologies such as advanced robotics, the internet of things, and automation that by large have dramatically reshaped the social and business landscape from what it is today.

It is our utmost aspiration to build an active, dynamic and productive platform; bringing together experts, academia, consultants, industry practitioners, and stakeholders to share new knowledge, skills, expertise, experiences, and discoveries; in a series of progressive win-win synergies.

Commitment to INNOVATIONS
We are committed to continuously innovate our solutions to the benefit of our existing clients and future clients. We have therefore remained true to ourselves in upholding this by having a dedicated team for the development of the solutions.

Commitment to Standards
We feed innovations back into standards. We invest a substantial portion of our research and development into technology to deliver new products and services to our customers. We strive to consistently provide some of the highest levels of customer support.

Your success is our success
The achievements of an organization in the new world are the results of the combined effort of each individual, the customers, the partners, and the suppliers.

A Little Bit of Seriousness A Whole Lot of FUN…”